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Mother Nature's provides a full line of superior wild bird seed mixes that have been specifically formulated to attract specific types of birds.  Our mixes are triple cleaned to ensure that they are dust free and farm fresh.  Our ingredients are wholesome, all natural seeds that birds love (with no artificial ingredients like food colouring).  Some of our more popular wild bird mixes and pure seed selections are described and pictured below and can be obtained from a number of distributors


Black Oil Sunflower: Pure black oil sunflower is the top choice of the majority of seed eating birds.  High in oil content, this seed is an energy booster for wild birds at any time of the year.  Available in 2 kg, 8.16 kg and 18.4 kg sizes

Chickadee & Nuthatch Mix:  This mix is designed to attract chickadees and nuthatches.  It contains a mix of black oil sunflower, medium and fine sunflower chips. Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg.

Epic Blend:  Of all our mixes, our Epic Blend has the greatest number of different seeds in the mix.  That's why we call it "Epic Blend".  This mix will attract a wide variety of birds as well as wild life.  Available in 9 kg size.

Jay & Woodpecker Mix:  This mix is designed to attract birds from the jay and woodpecker families.  It contains a mix of whole in-shell peanuts and shelled peanuts, striped sunflower,coarse sunflower chips and whole corn. Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg sizes.

Medium Sunflower Chips: Sunflower kernels with no shell that have been chopped into smaller size "chips" are a special treat.  This is the ultimate food for birds as they do not have to expend precious energy to open the shell to get at the seed, it is there for them.  It is also a "no mess" solution for backyard bird feeding as there are no shells to clean up under the feeder and little in the way of sprouting seed as the sunflower kernels have been chopped to prevent germination.  Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg sizes.

Mountain Multi-bird Mix: This mix is designed to attract a broad spectrum of backyard birds with popular ingredients including: cracked corn, millet, black oil and striped sunflower and cereal grains.  Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg.

No Mess Gardener's Mix:  This mix is designed to attract a broad variety of birds but ensures that there is no mess after they visit.  The seed ingredients in this mix do not have shells or husks and are guaranteed not to sprout in your garden.  The mix contains: sunflower chips (kernels), mixed nuts, and suet pieces.  Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg sizes.

Nutty Temptations: This blend contains premium quality skinless peanuts, an assortment of chopped tree nuts (including almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and brazil nuts), and suet nuggets. This is a mix that will attract chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, jays, and grosbeaks. Available in 2 kg and 9 kg sizes

Nyjer® Seed:This seed is loved by finches of all types. The seed is sterilized and will not sprout under your feeder.Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg sizes.  

Nyjer® is a registered trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry

Peanuts (no shells, skinless):  Premium quality skinless peanuts are a high energy food source for birds.  Available in 2.5 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg sizes

Raised Feeder: This mix is excellent to use year round.  It is formulated to attract songbirds and other birds that prefer to feed above the ground. Over 60% of this mix consists of premium black oil sunflowers, while the remaining ingredients include whole sunflower chips, shelled peanuts, white proso millet, red proso millet, and medium stripe sunflowers. Available in 2 kg, 4.99kg enviropail, and 9.07kg sizes.

Songbird Mix:  This is a premium mix with over 50% sunflower content.  Sunflower is the top seed choice of seed eating birds.  In addition to sunflower, the mix includes a high percentage of canary grass seed and canola seed for the finches, and millet and a very small amount of corn round out the mix ensuring that it will attract of very broad variety of birds.   The mix contains:  black oil sunflower, canary grass seed, red and white millet, canola seed, cracked corn and striped sunflower.  Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg sizes.

Wild Bird Premium Mix:  This mix is one of the few wild bird seed mixes on the market that actually contain canarygrass seed.  Canary grass seed will attract pine siskins, house and purple finches, towhees, mourning doves and native sparrows. In addition to canary grass, the mix also contains gold proso millet, white and red millet and black oil sunflower seed. It is a premium blend, super clean and a great mix for attracting a wide variety of birds to your feeders.   Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg sizes.

Wild Finch Mix: This mix is designed to attract finches to your feeder. It contains a mix of canary grass seed, canola seed, millet, nyjer® and fine sunflower chips.  Available in 2 kg, 9.07 kg and 18.14 kg.

Suet, feeders and bells:  We offer a broad selection of beef kidney suet and molded bird bells.  


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