Buying Direct From Chin Ridge Seeds

One of the questions we frequently get is "Will you sell direct?". 

Selling our bird food and pet food products direct to End Consumers:

Typically, we do not sell directly to consumers.  Our seed is sold through a network of distributors and retailers which act as our extended sales force.  If for some reason you can not get our seed from someone in our sales network, then we will sell direct to you, but the price you will be charged will be a retail price so that we do not to undercut our sales network. 

Selling Direct to Retail Stores:

We have a broad network of excellent distributors that represent our product.  If however, you own a retail store that is in an area that is not well covered by our distribution network then we will sell direct to your store provided you can meet our minimum order quantities.  Minimum order quantity is dependent on store location.

Please contact us if you are having trouble finding our seed through one of our distributors or retailers.  We want to help!