Our products have received rave reviews from bird breeders, breeders who truly understand the health requirements of their birds, breeders who seriously consider the nutritional value of the food that they are providing. 

Read some of our customers' product testimonials:

Jean Tarr, champion breeder and exhibitor from The Finch Room in Edmonton, Alberta says:  "I still use Chin Ridge seed exclusively, about 1200 pounds a year!!! It is the best seed out there and I recommend it to everyone that buys birds from me and always send them off with a 5 lb. bag to start them out."

Val from Cuckoo's Nest Aviary in Moncton, New Brunswick says that she has had problems in the past finding seed mixes with enough variety and substance to meet the needs of her larger birds like the African Greys. She finds that she is able to use Mother Nature's bird seed mixes to meet the varied palettes of her wide variety of breeding birds. "It is the best seed that I have been able to get for them", says Val. "It is a clean and fabulous product" comments Val. "My birds enjoy it and I am happy with the quality of the seed. It is a great base for whatever birds I am feeding".

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Ernie, a breeder from Whitehorse that shows canaries, conures and splendid parakeets, says he brings in Mother Nature's seed for his birds and to supply others in the Whitehorse area. He has this to say about Mother Nature's seed mixes: "I think people need to know how good Mother Nature's birdseed is," says Ernie. He finds he has less waste with Mother Nature's seed and much healthier birds. "It's what the birds want" says Ernie. "They pick and choose but eventually it is all gone. They don't dump everything on the floor and there is no mess". Ernie says that his seed customers have also had very good results. One female African Grey was having a feather plucking session. "When she started on your seed, the plucking stopped, she started eating again and will spend hours eating the different types of seeds in your mixes", commented Ernie. Ernie has done his own test on Mother Nature's seed versus other seed found in the local pet store. "We found it was much cleaner than the other seed", says Ernie. "I am very impressed and the seed is really good."

Myrna Pearman, well-known Alberta naturalist and author of several books about bird feeding, nestboxes and backyard wildlife:

"I use Mother Nature's seed because I am confident that the seeds are clean, fresh and healthy. Mother Nature's wild bird mixes do not contain the cheap and wasteful filler seeds that are found in so many other brands. Chin Ridge Seeds has, through careful research and experimentation, formulated their Mother Nature's seed mixes with the intended bird species and their feeding strategies in mind. Chin Ridge Seeds is a company that always puts the birds first!"

Granisle, BC: "Your seeds have made a big difference in my 68 birds. Their feathers are brighter and more colorful. My canaries are singing more as well as breeding earlier. My lovebird babies were absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much.

M.R., Regina, Saskatchewan: "I am so pleased with your seed, it is so clean and no mouldy or spoiled items. Great!"

B.K., Alberta:  "My birds are noticeably healthier since I started using Chin Ridge Finch Mix".