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macawmnribbonAt Chin Ridge Seeds, we are serious about meeting the high standards you have for your pet food products.  Our pet bird mixes contain all natural, premium quality ingredients, with no preservatives and no food coloring additives. We believe in providing farm fresh ingredients to companion birds, similar to the real life food that they would find in the wild.  Our dust free, triple cleaned mixes ensure that your bird's health is protected.  In addition, our mixes are specially formulated to provide interest and variety for your companion birds with many mixes such as our Parrot Premium and Cockatiel Premium mixes containing over 20 unique seed ingredients and an avian pellet, for added vitamins and nutrients.  

Our mixes are available from a number of retailers (for a full listing of our retailers see our "Where to Buy Our Products" page) and we are now selling some of our most popular mixes to Canadian pet owners directly through eBay My items on eBay. Try our mixes out and see why we are the best kept secret of many bird breeders.  Also see some of the testimonials we receive regularly about our companion bird mixes.

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Our product line includes customized seed mixes, high quality pellets and fancies such as cuttle bone and spray millet.

Below you will find an abbreviated list of our most popular companion bird food products:

Beak Bits: Avian pellet that has been formulated to provide 14% protein and a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals to ensure avian health.

Budgie Premium: Excellent all round daily ration for small hookbills including parakeets, conures and lovebirds.

Canary Premium: Excellent all round daily ration for canaries of average activity.

Canary Conditioner Song Food: This is a mix that should for canaries who are molting or breeding or as an occasional treat for your pet canary throughout the year.

Cockatiel Premium: Daily diet for medium size hookbills including cockatiels with average to high activity levels.

Cockatiel No Sunflower: Low fat daily diet for medium size hookbills including cockatiels with low activity levels.

Dove Premium:  Daily diet for small size ground feeding birds including Ring Neck doves and Button quail.

Finch Premium: Daily diet for pet finches including Gouldian finches.

Lovebird Premium: Daily diet specially formulated just for lovebirds.

Parrot Premium: Daily diet for active large size hookbills like Amazon, Grey, and Macaw parrots and Cockatoos.  Includes a variety of shapes and textures with more than 20 different ingredients.

Parrot No Sunflower: Low fat daily diet for large hookbills with low activity.

Pampered Parrot:  A wonderful combination of seeds, dried fruit, nuts and pellets that is designed to be used as an occasional treat for your pampered parrot.

Pigeon Premium:  Originally designed for racing pigeons, this high protein mix is an excellent daily diet for pigeons of all types.

Ultra 4 Large Hookbills:  Balanced diet suitable for most large hookbills.  No sunflower formulation. 

Ultra 4 Small Hookbills:  Balanced diet suitable for most small hookbills.  No sunflower formulation.

To download a product catalogue - choose one of the following or  contact us if the information is not available:

Companion Bird and Pet Catalogue - small size packaging (2.5 kg or less)

Companion Bird and Pet Catalogue - large size bags

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