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CDC Austenson - 2 row feed barley - The new standard for 2 row feed barley.

Wow! This variety looks awesome with a better yield than Xena and plump heavy kernel weight. It has short strong straw and improved disease resistance.  Austenson has a really nice heavy bushel weight and appears to be suited for dryland or irrigation. More info on Austenson


CDC Meredith - 2 row feed/malt barley - Very high yield like Austenson on dryland (with a malt option).

A beautiful variety to grow with plump seeds and high yield potential, CDC Meredith is a relatively new barley from Secan. Originally aimed at the malt market which hasn't been as accepting as we hoped, Meredith is still worth considering as a feed barley since it yields right up there with Austenson and could be accepted for malt if conditions are right.  We recommend growing Meredith on dryland because it's straw strength is not quite as good as Austenson's. More info on Meredith.


CDC Cowboy 2 row dryland feed or silage barley

This 2 row forage type barley variety has high silage potential and good lodging resistance. Tall with a tremendous amount of plant matter, this barley is tops in dryland silage trials.  Designed to provide good yields with minimal crop inputs,  Cowboy is a good choice for those who want to seed something without alot of fuss or costs.  Our experience with this variety is that when harvested for grain, it will produce a plump seed kernel with a high test weight even under tough conditions.This variety is best suited for dryland applications as it is too tall for irrigation. More info on CDC Cowboy


CDC Maverick2 row smooth awn dryland feed or silage barley -

This 2 row forage type barley will replace Cowboy as the new standard for high silage potential and reliable grain yield in dryland settings with low inputs.  The smooth awns ensure that the silage is better suited for animal feed.  Developed at University of Saskatchewan by breeder Brian Rossnagel. As for the name, rumor has it that CDC Maverick was one smooth cowboy.  More information on CDC Maverick



Muskwa - 6 row feed barley - 6 row barley with plump seeds on dryland and good standability on irrigation

This new SeedNet variety has only been released since Spring 2013 and we are pretty excited about it's future!  How about a smooth-awn six-row feed barley that outyields Vivar and other 2 rows on dryland and irrigation?  Muskwa Barley was the 2012 yield winner in 2012 Regional Variety Trials conducted in Lethbridge outyielding Vivar, Champion and Xena at both the dryland and the irrigated site.


Muskwa is well-adapted to all soil zones of western Canada. It is a semi-dwarf barley with strong straw, smut resistance and intermediate maturity traits equal to or better than Vivar. It has a good disease resistance package and has a nice bushel weight on dryland.  More info on Muskwa.





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