Chin Ridge Seeds celebrating 75 years in business.
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 13:58

Article from: "100 Years of Ink", a supplement in the October 5th 2011 issue of The Taber Times:

Celebrating their 75th year in the farming business it’s safe to say Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd. is a Taber success story.

Started in 1936 by Nick Barany, Chin Ridge began as a farming business. It has grown into a multi-generational business comprised of a various companies that encompass farming, seed growing and processing, and birdseed manufacturing.

The farm end of the business is celebrating its 75th year this year. Seed production began in 1965 when Nick’s son, Lawrence, planted his first pedigreed seed crop. Seed production has been continuous ever since.

Seed growing evolved further in 1984 when the seed processing plant was started by Lawrence and his wife Wilma. Wilma, with her interest in bird feeding, soon expanded the seed processing business to include birdseed production. Now third generation daughter, Kelly Barany and her husband, Don Hubble, run the seed business and birdseed enterprise.

“The birdseed business has grown significantly in recent years with the company’s trademarked Mother Nature’s and Bird’s Choice products now available throughout Western Canada. In Southern Alberta, both UFA and Green Haven Garden Centre carry Chin Ridge’s Mother Nature’s line,” said Kelly.

Throughout the years there have been many changes in the business. “The farming equipment is bigger and more efficient, allowing us to cover more acres with a single piece of equipment,” she said.

Awarded the 2007 Small Business of the Year award by the Taber and Municipal District Chamber of Commerce, Chin Ridge has developed a great relationship with the community sponsoring local charities and organizations.

“Many of our seed customers are from the local Taber community and our employees all live in or around the Taber area. We sure appreciate the support that our customers and our employees have given our business. We are truly grateful,” Kelly said.