Chin Ridge Seeds Joins Forces With SeedNet Inc.
Monday, 29 November 2010 08:18

Chin Ridge Seeds is proud to join forces with 14 other independent family operated seed growers to form SeedNet Inc.
SeedNet Inc. will collectively have in excess of over 350 years experience in growing, processing and retailing seed. Our membership in SeedNet will help our customers access the best varieties of pedigreed seed grain for Southern Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan at competitive prices while still providing our customers with true farmer growing experience and advice.

The other members of SeedNet include: Benci Seed Farms, Fabian Seed Farms, Foremost Seeds, Huvenaars Seed Farms, Markert Seeds, Mercer Seeds, Sleepy Hollow Seeds, Witdouck Farms, Tony Crooymans & Sons, Specialty Seeds, Wheatcrest Farms, T.W. Farms, and Stamp Select Seeds. For more information on SeedNet, please see the SeedNet website at