Chin Ridge Seeds is a premium supplier of pedigreed planting seed, bird food, pet food and specialty seed products to customers across North America.



Pedigreed Planting Seed

combines in field


Our pedigreed seed products are grown and tested on our own farm allowing us to observe the seed traits and yields.   Our farm is located approximately 30 km southeast of the town of Taber in Alberta, Canada.


The Latest Seed Genetics

As a member of Secan, SeedNet, and FP Genetics; and as a dealer for Northstar Seed, we can offer our customers access to the latest pedigreed seed varieties. Our seed has been tested to ensure it meets strict germination and purity standards.


Bird Seed and Pet

Gold finch


Our seed based food products for wild birds and family pets are premium quality and triple cleaned to protect animal health.  Manufactured under the Mother Nature'sTM and Bird's ChoiceTM brand names in southern Alberta, Canada, our products are all natural and farm fresh.


Where To Buy Our Bird and Pet Food Products

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